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Will Hinkson

Owner/Director of Training
A talented trainer that loves people, Will Hinkson has been training athletes since high school, teaching kids of all ages how to swim. He started coaching CrossFit specifically in 2008 and could not imagine doing anything else for his career. “I h… Read More
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Zach Voigt

A love of movement and its power over human health makes Zach, admittedly, a super nerd, fussing over the minutiae of biomechanics and the details of chemistry in an effort to better understand how to help people. As important to him as movement is,… Read More
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Jamie Turner

Creative Officer
Jamie attended her first CrossFit class in 2014 after much sweet-talking by her husband. After hearing what the WOD was going to be, her initial thought was, “Aw. Hail. No.” She survived her first class and even though she swore once was enough,… Read More
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Rebekah Draves

Members Success Manager
With her background in fitness and sports, it was the team atmosphere that first drew Rebekah to CrossFit. Rebekah started playing volleyball when she was five years old, was awarded a scholarship to play at Hillsdale College, and was on the team tha… Read More
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Sawyer Hinkson

CrossFetch Coach
Don’t let his sleepy, Walter Matthau-inspired good looks deceive you, Sawyer has a super fast stealthy side! As HRCF’s resident CrossFetch Coach and all around banana stealer, Sawyer brings a little something special to the gym. He’s often foun… Read More
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Mike Pavlovic

Mike spent his youth experimenting with a myriad of sports, and these early days built the foundation of his desire to learn about movement in its many forms.  His passion for fitness further developed as a young Marine leading his platoon in PT an… Read More
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