What Is Work Life Balance? Level 10 Fitness Ann Arbor

I love the holidays. Every year during the holiday season I get to see all my extended family, go to holiday parties, and reflect on everything that has happened over the last year. This year I also found myself overly busy and overwhelmed with all the things that “had to happen” and people to see.

With the buildout on our new building, having Zach come in as a full partner at Level 10 Fitness Ann Arbor (way more lawyery type paperwork than I thought), helping to grow a Veteran non-profit, and getting engaged I found myself working 16-18hr days 7 days a week to make everything happen.

I wouldn’t change any of it. I’m really pleased with our new building, Zach is a great business partner, FORCE BLUE is changing the planet, and my fiancé is one of the best human beings I know and we complement each other well in our lives together.

Me with some legit bags underneath my eyes

Even with all of the good things happening I found myself stressed out and bumping up against burnout more often than not. I was getting fired up about little things, that normally I could care less about. I was starting to mistake the forest for the trees. Even worse I was losing sight of all the amazing things that happen in my life every day.

Has this ever happened to you? You have a million things going on and even though they are all leading to positive things the accumulated volume of it all starts to wear on you?

Here are 5 small habits that brought me through the hectic period,

1. Blocking out my calendar to make everything happen. Organization was key here.

2. Prioritizing my training to make sure I was staying healthy and I didn’t miss out on my training. Having Zach as a training partner and coach was huge for me here! 

3. Making sure my nutrition was on point so I had the fuel to make sure I was running on all cylinders.

4. First thing when I get up I meditate and mobilize for 15mins no matter what. There are a lot of great resources out there. I happen to use the iPhone app Headspace because I dig it.

5. Every night when I went to bed I wrote down 3 things I am thankful for throughout the day. #1 is work related, #2 is friends and family related, #3 is something that I just appreciate being able to do that doesn’t relate to the first two things.

That’s it. It didn’t mean that the feeling of overwhelm just went away but I could see through that feeling forward to the good that was coming once I worked through all of the pieces. The lifestyle pieces I listed allowed me to do that faster.

Balance isn’t always the same in each period of our lives. Sometimes it’s 40% work, 60% rest and relaxation. Occasionally it’s 95% work, 5% rest and relaxation. Focusing on the positive things happening in your life will let you maintain some balance no matter how busy or how relaxing a time you find yourself in!

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