Goals + Full Body Assessment + Individual Program & Coaching = Amazing Results

Goals + Full Body Assessment + Individual Program & Coaching

= Amazing Results!

By Coach Will Hinkson


Remember back in 6th grade when your English teacher was talking to you (in my case, in a very stern voice that could easily be mistaken for yelling) about the importance of creating an outline before you start writing a paper? That paper for me was on how a bill becomes a law. 


Two important things to note on this:just_a_bill


  1. Schoolhouse Rock covered this topic way better than I ever could as a 6thI’m just a bill, I’m only a bill, and I’m sitting here on Capitol Hill…” (YouTube it if you haven’t seen it)!


  1. Also Mrs. Hutt was RIGHT. To produce a great result, you develop an outline that takes what you know and gets you to the results you want. I still think she was a little overzealous about the sweet Ninja Turtle artwork I drew on my paper instead of writing an outline, but I have to give credit where credit is due on her outline concept.


If you are asking yourself why my experience with Mrs. Hutt and her stern voice has anything to do with fitness, then you are asking the right question.


Just like the outline for my Ninja Turtle drawing (ahem… paper on a bill becoming a law), in order to produce something that is of the highest quality  you have to outline and map the process.


This brings us to how to create that outline and what the outline for a quality, Full-Body Assessment is:


  • Goals Review:
    • (Re)defines your goals prior to your assessment so your coaches know exactly how to customize and build your program.
  • Full Body Assessment:
    • Movement Analysis to determine any left-to-right imbalances or range of motion restriction. Think flexibility or lack thereof.
    • Physical Assessment to measure tendon, ligament, and muscular structural balance across the six types of movement a body can move through.
    • Work Capacity to measure your development in cardio and metabolic condition.
    • Body Fat Analysis to look at where you are currently, and if weight loss or muscle gain is the goal, allows us to track progress.
  • Program Design:
    • After looking at the results from your assessment and considering your goals, your program is designed following a methodology that is guaranteed to get you results.
    • The design should involve the primary coach assigned to your program, a Head Coach/Director of Training, and in many cases a nutrition coach.


Does it have to be this extensive to get results? The answer depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking to balance out the muscles in your body, avoid injury long term, and continue to improve year after year, then yes, it does need to be that extensive.


For example, if you are a lifelong soccer player or distance runner, what we typically see is more quad dominant (front part of the thigh) movement patterns and muscle development. A lot of times this will lead to the knee caving in on the bottom of a squat which will create some big issues later in either the knees, hips, or low back.


An assessment will reveal this right away and allow a coach to build out your program to develop the opposing muscle group, in this case the hamstrings (back part of the thighs) to balance out your development in the quads.


The other thing this will allow a good coach to see is if any movement patterns that have developed that are less than optimal.


I.E. ensuring your scapulae (part of the rear shoulders) are engaging when you do any upper body pulling (vertical and horizontal) to avoid a shoulder injury when you are going to stabilize weight overhead or do any sort of pulling exercise, both in the gym or in real life.


There is a long list of things to look for in each of the six areas of movement but the important thing to note is, you have to assess muscular balance and correct movement pattern engagement to get the full picture and develop a full plan.


If you look at the billions of dollars spent on health care every year, a lot of it can be avoided with proper coaching in exercise and nutrition. A full assessment is the absolute best way to make sure you can “injury proof” yourself long term and get you to your goals in the best way possible.


At the end of the day it’s simple math:


Goals + Full Body Assessment + Individual Program & Coaching = Amazing Results!


To your health,

Coach Will

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